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Welcome to whitecollarhc! We host fanfiction, picspams, discussions - just about anything you can think of that is h/c-oriented and fannish for the show White Collar.

Questions and concerns can be addressed here.


Every post must be on-topic-- it must pertain to White Collar, and have some aspect of hurt and/or comfort. Posts with off-topic content will be deleted immediately and with extreme prejudice. This comm is loosely moderated, meaning new members' posts will be placed into a queue for review to ensure they are not spam; once a user's entries are determined to be legit, their future posting access will be unmoderated.

1. All types of White Collar related fics and fanworks are allowed here. RPS/RPF fanwork is NOT. Tag your fanwork appropriately and follow the posting guidelines below.

2. Spoiler Policy: All unaired episodes are considered spoilers until they have aired. After an episode airs, it is still considered a spoiler for 3 days afterwards. Any spoilers about new episodes must be under a cut. Ditto for any spoilery screen caps/icons/fanart!

3. All fic must be under a cut.Find out how to do one here.

4. Please use a header for all works. See Posting Guidelines below for more details.

5. Art is allowed, but please place it behind a cut. You may post thumbnails outside a cut as a teaser for the larger image (if the image is NSFW, you may also want to warn peeps).

6. Please don’t link to locked material. It’s rude. If you post a link back to your journal, the post must be public.

7. Permissions: Posting here means you are giving your consent for your post to be archived (here in the community), either through tags, memories, or both.

8. Ownership: All fanworks are the creation of the fan who made them. If you would like to use or archive said fanworks, you must contact the creator directly.

Posting Guidelines

All fanfic must have a header. Feel free to cut and paste the following for your entries:

It's fine if you include additional pertinent information, such as word count, a disclaimer or author's notes. Please put extensive author’s notes behind a cut.

As a courtesy to your fellow community members, please complete the subject line of your post with information about its contents. If your subject line is blank, it is more likely that your post will be overlooked.

Please use warnings where appropriate. As a courtesy to members, you are expected to include appropriate warnings on your works. This may include adult content, such as graphic violence, non or dub con, extreme kinks, underage, etc., as well as anything that might upset or trigger a reader, such as character death or suicide. Basically, if you think anything will be triggery, please include it in your warnings.

Other Suggestions

Other fanworks (Art, Vids, Icons): We suggest WORK SAFE thumbnails. Preview art should not be any larger than 350x350.

Icons: Teaser icons are allowed, but keep the number of them to a reasonable amount. If you are linking to a multi-fandom icon post, be sure your teaser icons are on-topic about White Collar.


Tags are your friends. Please use them so that your fellow fans of H/C can find the kinds of stories they like to read.

Ideally, every fic post should have FOUR main tags:

1. author The mods are happy to create a tag for you if you intend to post more than once. Please ask for a tag by PM (the most expedient method) or by assigning it the tag for Author: Request a tag. If we mods overlook adding a tag for you, it's just because we're busy! Feel free to send a PM and request one at any time.

2. type (fic, art, announcement, etc.)

3. genre Please select as many from the list as necessary. If nothing’s quite right, use the “Genre: Other” tag and/or the “Genre: Request a tag” one, and the mods will create it for you.

4. rating Choose from g through nc-17.

All creators of fanworks will be classified under the umbrella of 'author' as opposed to artist, vidder, etc.

Questions? Contact rabidchild67 at yahoo dot com

Extra special thanks and woobie!Neals to elrhiarhodan for the layout!
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